Community Guidelines

Unmute is a space for networking, sharing and discovering new friends. Everyday billions of people seek out one another to talk. It’s a proven study that humans need connection for well-being. Unmute brings people together by way of creating a community where your friends are always on the line. These guidelines are here to help you learn what it means to be a community member of Unmute and how you can help keep our platform fun and friendly.

What you should do on Unmute:

Go Live - Choose as hashtag or make your own to let your friends and followers know your're broadcasting live!

Start a call to phone a friend - Your voice here. A call between 2 people can quickly become a call between 20. Your friends and followers will be automatically notified anytime you start to talk. Join in on the fun where your friends are always on the line.

Add, listen in and talk - Show love by adding your old friends and new followers. Listen into each others conversation and get Unmuted into the talk.

Report inappropriate content - Help us keep Unmute safe. If you hear something that doesn’t sound right, let us know! To report a user, go to their profile settings on the button with three dots and then click “Report.”

Always Be kind - Keep all calls on Unmute positive. This is a fun and safe community for meaningful conversation, no negativity allowed!

Call us!

What you should NOT do on Unmute:

(Unmute has the right to monitor the content and report whatever we see fit to authorities.Violating any of the following can result in your account being removed.)

Bully or harass someone - We have a zero tolerance policy to bullying or harassment. It’s simple, if you do it, you’re out! We will delete your account immediately.

Post explicit content or nudity - Unmute is about communication, not visualization. If you send inappropriate content to another user, you’re out!

Post personal information - Remember social media apps are public platforms where anyone anywhere can get information about your life. Be smart about what you choose to share.

Impersonate another person - Do not use someone else’s photo, name or likeness. If you encounter someone acting as someone else, please report.

(If you are a parent concerned about what your child is sharing or consuming, please reach out to us at

We hope this has given you a glimpse into the Unmute community. We are excited to have you as a member and want to make sure you have the bestexperience possible. Thank you for making Unmute your place for conversation.